Happy Holidays!

I want to take a moment and give thanks for a great year! My family and I have accomplished a lot this year. We feel very blessed! We have reached several financial goals within our savings account, HSA, and Retirement accounts. We were even able to purchase a car!!!  In completing my 5th year as a professional firefighter and starting this blog- I couldn’t be happier!

Our family is excited about the holidays coming up! We want to enjoy and treat our toddler son to an exciting month filled with holiday adventures. We are taking a road trip to see Christmas lights and are even planning a cool little train trip similar to Polar Express. It’s going to be a lot of fun!!

As we look towards the holiday season we are looking to stick to a “present budget.” This is SO hard. Giving is something that I love to do for others. However, it’s very important for you to establish a stopping point so that you don’t overspend and end up wondering what happened to all your money.  Been there, done that way too often! Also, if at all possible, don’t use credit!! You will feel very accomplished when the holiday doesn’t follow you into the new year.

In looking ahead, my family has some exciting times coming up in the first few months of 2019! We are expecting a new baby boy and arranging his new room. It’s an exciting time for us!  We have saved for this and have made it a point, especially this past year, to set aside money every month to prepare for these changes. We did this by paying ourselves first- setting aside a dollar amount into our saving account (every month) at the beginning of the month. It truly felt easier not to spend it if it’s already into an account to be saved.

Take time to enjoy the holiday season!  It’s important to be able to take some time to reflect on what has happened this past year.  Recognize the things that went well and what you’d like to see grow or change. Now is the perfect time to make financial commitments for the new year. I’ve learned some new techniques and strategies that I’ll share with you soon! I’m eager to talk about some techniques that have worked for my family.

Personally, this has been a lot of fun! I love writing to you all on this blog. I’m still learning how it all works. I’m trying to remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint.  We have to learn as we go and adapt the best we can. I’m excited for what the future will bring!  Thank you for reading the past few posts! Happy Holidays!

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