Our Goal

Our goal is to build a society where there is Financial Freedom.  This means you have no debt and a fully funded emergency fund.  We want you to meet your retirement goals and dreams. I want to help change the way you think about money. Everyone deserves to have Financial Freedom!

My Story

I'm a full time Firefighter. I am married to my beautiful wife and we have one little boy.  I completed Financial Coach Master Training through Ramsey Solutions in March.  I love to talk about money and I love to learn about it. Here is my story, which became our story when we got married.

I was in my early 30's when a discussion occurred between soon-to-be wife and I. She was worried about my financial responsibility. I immediately researched Dave Ramsey and purchased a book called "Complete Guide to Money" and later "Total Money Makeover."  With these two books I began my quest to be financially independent- to find my own Financial freedom!

I established a budget, savings account, and debt payment plan in the next few weeks. I stopped living beyond my means and started living within them. I shared my plans and desires with my fiance to have all my debt paid off (with the exception of my college student loan and our house debt) by our wedding. With lots of hard work and the help of a small side-job, I was able to payoff approximately $8,000 before our wedding.  My biggest accomplishment was knowing that I was starting my new life, with the love of my life, mostly debt free. A complete blessing!  I even managed to pay for our wedding rings with CASH! I felt so accomplished and excited!

As we started our married life, my excitement for being financially fit began to catch on with my wife. We completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program together. I continued my side-job, putting everything I could towards my student loans.  I even sold my motorcycle to pay off a huge chunk.  We did it!!  During this time my wife and I even went on a few vacations (cash funded- thank you vacation budget plan!)

So there we were sitting debt free, with the exception of our home loan. We paid off around $30,000 of debt in a short time. What a proud moment and feeling of relief! We were at complete peace with our life, and our soon-to-be new, little family!


Brian is not a financial adviser.  He does not know you particular situation and cannot give complete advice.  Therefore he is not responsible for your actions. All actions taken based on this site/blog are at your own risk.