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Low- Cost  Index Funds

Low- Cost Index Funds

Investing today is easier than ever!  One of the best and cheapest approaches is through Low-cost index funds. The creation of these funds has transformed the investing world. Investment companies like Betterment and Wealthfront use these type of funds to help keep costs low for the investor that’s you!  Companies like Schwab and Fidelity have …

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Jump Start Your Plan

How do you start to save if you have never saved before?  Or how do you boost your current savings? The 1% rule and “side hustles” aka extra jobs are great ways to generate income to pay off debts, give retirement a boost, or in general save more money.  This post I’m going to focus …

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Pay Yourself First!

“Pay yourself first.” I like this quote cause it cuts right to the idea.  Make your savings the priority. It seems so simple to “pay yourself first.”  It is, by far, the easiest and hardest step. It’s hard to save money at the end of the month after you have paid rent, bills, debt, food …

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